The Wonderful Benefits Of Argan Oil

Anti Aging Benefits Of Argan Oil

Argan Oil is the produce extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is commonly found in south western Morocco. It is often referred to as liquid gold
In its pure and undiluted state, its properties make it stand out from its contemporaries, even though it is edible, it has become increasingly known for its cosmetic purposes. Below are some of the uses of this wonderful oil.

Skin Moisturizer

The texture is neither greasy nor irritating to the skin, thereby enabling it to absorb easily without leaving any oily residue; its high content of Vitamin E and fatty acids, also gives the skin a natural boost.


Women in their thirties and forties find acne an increasingly difficult problem to deal with, the use of chemical creams can be expensive and leave much to be desired in the long run, that is where Argan oil comes to the rescue, clean the skin with and apply few drops, dab with cotton wool around affected The Wonderful Benefits Of Argan Oil areas.

Stretch Marks

The Vitamins A and E properties of Argan oil will help to rejuvenate the skin thereby impeding the appearance of stretch marks, this is helpful for pregnant women, but if you already have stretch marks, next time before you take your bath, mix a little Argan oil with brown sugar, apply to the affected areas.


Razor bumps can be unsightly, warm some Argan oil and apply gently, it is also helpful for ladies after shaving your legs.

Anti Aging

The anti oxidant effect makes Argan oil of extreme value when fighting wrinkles, elasticity of the skin is restored leaving the skin smoother and softer.

Lip Moisturizer

The lips can easily become cracked and dry in unfavorable weather conditions, Argan oil serves as a lip balm and initiates a healing a process of any sore on the lips due to dryness.

Hair Conditioner

It has proven to make the hair silkier, shinier, and softer, it also helps to treat split ends and control frizzy hair, it easily comes in as the ideal hair conditioner, you can massage your scalp with four to ten drops for overnight deep conditioning treatment, this can be done once in a week for best results.

Foot, Hand And Nail Treatment

The cracked hard skin on the feet, dry hands brittle nails, can easily be taken care of with the use of Argan oil due to its softening abilities.

The benefits of Argan oil cannot really be exhausted, it is one off natures wonders, everyone is advised to avail themselves of the benefits of this priceless produce.