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Top 5 Grand Theft Auto Characters

5. Lester Crest

Lester is the mastermind behind each of the heists and he suffers from a wasting disease that has slowly worn down his motor abilities during his lifetime and left him wheelchair-bound he’s still no less of a hazard. He excels best behind his monitor and isn’t a man you’d love to knock off.

In an unknown point in time, Lester met and became connected with Michael Townley and Trevor Philips, getting a regular member of the heist crews because the beginning of their venture.

4. Lamar Davis

Lamar is your best friend of Franklin Clinton they went into Davis High School together if they were teens. Finally, both men became involved in crime. Now considering slipping (or even”repo-ing”) automobiles for your dealership where they operate. Lamar consistently has something smart to say, even though he does not have the eloquence to actually state this, and he reveals that there’s more to some small time gangster than meets the eye.Do¬†gta 5 mobile apk free download to play all characters which are already in gta

Interesting Fact: Lamar was initially assumed to be the personality that Franklin was due to a last minute decision by Rockstar his function has been shifted.

Grand Theft Auto Characters

3. Franklin Clinton

Franklin is a small time gangster, trying to find a crooked man who needs him to improve automobiles for a living. Franklin is the first working character in GTA V (ignoring the prologue) and is our first introduction into the sprawling world of Los Santos.Check out best version of gta game series

Franklin was born in South Los Santos at 1988. After his mother’s death, Franklin moved along with his grandparents. Despite being continuously spoiled by his grandma, Franklin had made a decision to have the part of a street hustler. One of the first tasks was selling smokes with Bradshaw nevertheless, it is not until Franklin jacks Michael’s son’s car he is promoted to the criminal world of high risk, higher reward.

2. Micheal De Santa / Townley

Michael Townley was a part of a big time group, pulling bank heists and becoming angry shoot-outs. After he’s taken by the authorities, but he decides to take the exit; witness security in exchange for advice.

Michael is a superb personality to balance the 3 protagonist architecture. He strikes a balance between Franklin’s cool, gathered attitude and Trevor’s mad. Michael can be reasonable as the next man, but if he is in a terrible mood, he could practically be as manic as his previous partner. Michael is about as far from your stereotypical GTA protagonist because you can get, and it sounds rather new to start off the match for a victory this time around.

1. Trevor Philips

Who else would it have been? Rockstar’s new psychopath differs because he is also a protagonist. Trevor Phillips is crazy and unhinged. His firm, Trevor Phillips Industries, appears to just have two items on its own business strategy – kill everybody and market some meth. As the narrative progresses, Trevor carries out torture, brutally murders individuals, takes a guy’s wife hostage and continues his own one guy rampage.
Trevor is a very intricate personality, and will decrease in GTA history among the funniest personalities .

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